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Dr. Alex Vasileski

Behavioral Change Specialist, Behavioral Movement Specialist, PhD, CPT, CSCS, CFN

Alex has a passion for helping others fight for a better life through health and wellness. A fighter himself, Alex is a cancer survivor and knows what it feels like when your back is up against the wall and you’re in the fight for your life! He has taken his experiences and expertise to develop a company born out of the psychology, neurology and research to deliver the most elite programs the world has ever seen that focus on 360 degrees of wellness through an individualistic approach! Alex is directly involved in research, striving to provide excellence in the field of wellness and chronic illness which is unparalleled in the industry. He strives for a world surrounded by hope and prosperity by helping one person at a time!

Betsy Kostka

Director Of Operations

Certified Master Life Coach that holds an Associate in Applied Science - Business Management. Betsy has worked her way up the corporate ladder in the transportation industry and recently found her passion in life coaching. Betsy has first hand experience in Corporate America, relationships of all types,success with weight loss and living a healthy active lifestyle, functioning with autoimmune disease, and debt management. Betsy has taken the dark clouds of everyday life and turned them into a positive outlook and would love the opportunity to help you and your loved ones. 

Haley McDonald

Educational Resources Specialist

I am a certified and trained life coach for kids. I hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. I have been in the education profession since 2015 and have worked with children of varying ages and abilities. I currently work in a special education classroom, where we work on academics, social and emotional skills. Through my unique experiences of working with people of all ages and abilities, it would be my honor to serve as a resource to you and your child.

Becky Teman

Community Outreach Specialist

I have a bachelor’s degree in Preschool-3rd grade and a Master’s degree in Kindergarten through 21 in Special Education. I am originally from Ohio and moved to Illinois in 2016 from Texas. I live in Crystal Lake with My husband, Jason, and our 2 dogs, Brinkley and Baxter. In my free time, I enjoy cooking/baking, traveling, reading, and being active. I started a healthy lifestyle around 5 years ago but just this past year really found my passion for healthy eating and being active. 

Shaun Kostka

Managing Director

I became a certified life coach and certified personal trainer after I had an experience with going into atrial fibrillation also known as afib. After that, I saw life differently. It became clear to me to be healthy and live a longer life rather than eating everything I can just because I enjoy the taste of the food. I have a new mindset that gave me a better outlook to see what my potential was. I found AV360 and started with the basics of nutrition and personal training. After working with Dr. Alex for six months I decided I’m the type of person that likes to help people anytime someone needs me. I’m always there to help whenever people need assistance and I decided that my life would best be fulfilled by helping people get healthy like I was doing. I’ve come along way in my journey I’m still not done yet but I’ll get there.